What is Piddinghoe Farm Shop all about?:

We opened the farm shop as an outlet for the game from our own shoot and the lamb from our farm but have slowly expanded to include local meat, fruit, veg and other produce.  Below is a list of some of what we have on offer this week.  The list isn't exhaustive, so if there is something that you fancy just ask and we will see if we can help.  

Game:                                                                          Sausages: 

Pheasant               £4.50 each                                                       Pheasant and Sweet Chilli £5.00
Partridge               £3.00 each                                                      Guinea Fowl and Ginger     £5.00
Mallard                  £4.50 each                                                      Venison and Red Wine        £4.00
Pigeon                   £2.50 each                                                      Venison Port and Hop         £4.00
Grouse                  £10.00 each                                                      Wild Boar and Berry          £5.50
Quail                     £4.00 for two
Guinea Fowl         £8.00 each
Venison                £8.00 per kilo


Lamb Legs (bone in)     £10.00 per kilo                                            Lamb and Mint                £4.00
Lamb Legs (bone out)   £11.00 per kilo                                            Lamb, Rosemary and Garlic £4.00
Lamb Shoulders (bone in)   £10.00 per kilo                                     Mutton, Rosemary and Garlic £5.00
Lamb Shoulders (bone out) £11.00 per kilo
Barnsley Chops £12.00 per kilo
Diced Lamb £13.00 per kilo
Minced Lamb £13.00 per kilo
Whole and Half Lambs £8.00 per kilo
Mutton £10.00 per kilo


Sirloin Steaks        £18.00 per kilo
Rump Steaks         £14.00 per kilo
Fillet Steak            £32.00 per kilo
Topside Roasting Joints £12.00 per kilo
Sirloin Roasting Joints £16.00 per kilo
Rump Roasting Joints £12.00 per kilo
Whole Fillet            £28.00 per kilo
Jacob's Ladders     £12.00 per kilo
Rib Roasting Joints   £12.00 per kilo


Pork Loin Roasting Joints   £5.00 per kilo
Pork Chops                         £6.00 per kilo
Pork Tenderloin                   £10.00 per kilo
Belly of Pork                        £5.00 per kilo
Sliced Belly of Pork              £6.00 per kilo
Rolled Belly of Pork              £6.00 per kilo
Fore-belly of Pork                  £5.00 per kilo
Shoulder of Pork                  £5.00 per kilo
Boned an Rolled Belly of Pork £6.00 per kilo


Whole Chickens £3.50 per kilo
Chicken Breast £1.50 each
Chicken Legs (including thigh) £1.50 each
Chicken Wings £0.50 each
Chicken Carcass £1 per kilo
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