What else can we do for you:

  • H.R. and Payroll Management:

We understand that it can be difficult for an employer to keep up with all the latest rules.  PAYE in particular can seem arcane and arbitrary to the expert and beginner alike.  Here are a few of the ways we can make your life a little easier:
1: Agricultural and rural recruitment:  We can advise on your best advertising strategy and will receive curriculum vitae and phone calls on your behalf.
2: PAYE and Payroll: We can do all the work for you.  You tell us what your staff members' pay is and we will tell you what to pay them and what to pay HMRC. We can also answer technical questions so that you don't have to wait on the phone waiting for HMRC to answer.
  • Shooting rights valuation:

If you are looking to lease your shooting rights we are happy to help.  We can value the shooting rights, provide a shooting lease or act as an intermediary. 
We can also provide the same service if you are thinking of taking on some shooting rights.
For more information Call us on 07810 201178 or email us at info@shooting4all.com
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