The Hoddern Shoot, 

Piddinghoe, near Lewes, East Sussex:

A well Established partridge and pheasant shoot on The South Downs also known as The Piddinghoe Shoot. Well known locally, you can learn about the shoot here or take up their offer of shooting and find out what it is like first hand. 
John Carr, the owner and driving force behind the shoot, has nearly fifty years experience running shoots, and this shows not only in the shooting but also in that most intangible of things: "atmosphere".  From the first day of the season, when the partridges are set loose on an unsuspecting public, to the end, when the last cock pheasant climbs in a leisurely fashion from his hill top and flys the length of the line flirting his tail in disdain, The Hoddern Shoot delivers high quality sport in a friendly atmosphere.
This well established shoot offers a wide range of shooting. The high partridges days in September become mixed pheasant and partridge as we progress through October and November with declining numbers of partridge as we head towards the end of the season. However the size and intelligent layout of the shoot means that the bag can still be a third partridge at the tail end of the season if that is what you are looking for.
(An old hand stands ready)
A normal day runs as follows:
We meet at 9am for a cup of tea or coffee and move off at 9:15.
There are three or four drives before lunch.
Lunch is held in "The Big House", the old manor house at the heart of the shoot.
There will be one or two drives in the afternoon.
The finishing time depends on the time of year and can be confirmed at booking.
The usual bag size is 250 birds with 300 bird days being normal and even larger days a possibility.
The day includes lunch and the usual hospitality but if you want anything extra, including loaders, a spare gun, extra food and drink or even transport to a peg for less mobile guns this can be arranged.
(Once again the guns stand ready as the partridge fly)

 Shooting For Single guns:

We Shoot most Thursdays from early September to the end of January with a sprinkling of other days of the week.  These are our usual 230 to 250 bird days but there are a few "extra special" days for the "Serious Shot".

 A Special Invitation:

After the success of our larger days over the last few years, we are offering a few 400 and 600 bird days for guns who expect a little more from their shooting.
These are not "run of the mill" days, they will excite and challenge in equal measure, and all in the relaxed atmosphere on this shoot in the heart of The South Downs National Park.

 (At such long range the partridge thought that it was safe.)

So what do we do from February to September?

Well, we host our simulated game days.  Our "Days on Clays" are just that; a whole day of clay shooting where we aim to present you  with shooting that is as close to real game shooting as we can manage. 
The most important, most asked, and most difficult to answer, question is: "How many cartridges will I use?"  Well, frankly, it is up to you: some guns only use 250 and some use 750 but we usually recommend 500. 
For most guns this is enough to keep the gun swinging and the eye in during the off season without the need for surgery or physiotherapy the next day! 
(Apparently happy at the end of the drive.)
Individuals and part teams are invited to join us on our days for individuals when the price is £200 per gun with other dates being added as required.  We also have plenty of dates available for whole teams.
You can either come along regularly and "keep your eye in" or give up on that idea and come along in August and wind yourself up ready for the shooting season.

"And Finally",

It can be difficult to describe "The Atmosphere" on a day shooting, so I hope the following photos give a taste of what to expect from The Hoddern Shoot.  Unbelievably these photos were taken on a bright summer day on 14th November 2011!

Cotact The Shoot,

Mr. John Carr,
01273 303640
07711 076740
(Don't forget to mention when you contact the shoot.)
 Photos courtesy of Stef Kerswell:
The Hoddern Shoot