A message from the owner of Shooting4All, David Carr:

Welcome to Shooting4All. We are family run business dedicated to the shooting industry. As well as filling your shooting requirements we aim to give advice and support to shoots, shooters, shoot employees, shooting related businesses and anyone involved in the shooting industry who needs it.

In short we aim to develop a network of people with a common interest in shooting so that, in the event that we can't help you, we know a someone who can.

Remember: our advice is free and impartial. So if you are new to shooting or if you are more experienced and need a more unusual question answered give us a call.

You can reach us by phone on 07810 201178 or by email at info@shooting4all.com.

About Us:

Shooting4all was first launched in the year 2001 by Ray Rodgers, well known in shooting circles. In June 2006 it was taken over by father and son team John and David Carr. John is widely respected as the owner of two very successful commercial shoots and David, who shares his father's interests and has a love of all things computing and technical.

Stop Press: 

4th January 2016:
Well, where the hell did that year go?  Please promise you won't scream but it is already time for you to start thinking about next season.  Whole days in busy parts of the country, the South East for example, are already selling apace but sales of syndicate guns aren't exactly lagging behind either. 
The roller-coaster that the shooting industry has been on for the last seven seasons has felt different for commercial shoots compared to syndicate shoots.  The dip seen in demand for syndicate shooting was more immediate in 2008 but was shallower whereas the demand for sold days, as well as the more rarefied "Corporate Day" (whatever that means (ed.)), was still robust after it all hit the fan but dipped lower and recovered quicker.
So what difference does that make to how and when you book your shooting for next season? Quite simply it means that for sold days there simply isn't the volume of shooting that there was in 2008.  By my count in excess of 800 sold days on good quality medium shoots has disappeared in The South East alone due to shoot closures with larger, more robust shoots and smaller, more agile shoots surviving better. 
For syndicate shooting it is an even more grim, if radically different, picture: the largest syndicate shoots have found themselves in trouble (perhaps being a peg or two shy of sold on a very high proportion of days at the start of the season) along with the very small ones who's volunteers can no longer afford to volunteer or to shoot.  The medium syndicate shoot has weathered the storm better.   
And what does that mean to you?  Shoots are likely to be contemplating putting their prices up for next season; so call up your favourites quickly and quietly, reserve a sensible size day and put a small deposit down before a decision is made on price.  Prices may increase or may not but if you are going to shoot anyway you can't lose!
Best Regards  David Carr